MongoDB Compass or Mongo Shell? ...Both?

Hey, this is possibly a silly question but for the most part it looks like I can use Compass for some of the same things I would do in the Mongo Shell. Can I use one (Compass, preferably) and not the Shell? Are there things that I can only do in the Shell that I can’t in Compass?


You need both compass and shell
I think some regex queries with escape characters will not work in compass

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Hi @Ramachandra_37567, @Terence_36931,

I just wanted to inform that usage of regex in Compass is a bit different. Please refer to the following post for more details:

@Terence_36931 I would recommend you to use both Compass and Mongo shell for better understanding throughout the course.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.


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Thanks for your reply @Sonali_Mamgain . I’m mostly done with the course, but I want to make sure I increase my skill in knowing commands. Do you suggest just doing drills running your own scripts in the Shell and Compass?