MongoDB Compass download issue

I am not able to download the compass from the MongoDB Download Center (

Upon clicking download i am not able to download. I get a blank white screen. Please help

I too am having this issue, and attempted to download Compass via both Chrome and Firefox Developer. I have reported it and a ticket has been created.

Hi Sharon,
Any progress on the ticket?? . I feel stranded now with this issue. Just this starts at the course very beginning :frowning:

I hope this gets resolved soon. Its 12 am-midnight in India. I have to sleep now. I feel very upset given the time is lost now & due date is also less.

for windows you can use softpedia:

for mac use this link:

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Hi @V_Avinash, @Sharon_19579,

Please share the details of the OS (name and version) that you are using. Also, try downloading the latest stable version of Compass (1.18.0 stable).

If the problem persists, please let me know.


Hi Sonali,
Thank you for your interest in assisting with this issue.
However, I received correspondence from a representative (Clevy) stating that the issue had been resolved, and it did in fact download successfully after this.
(Note: Via chrome, stable msi for Windows 7+)

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