MongoDB compass browser access

I am unable to access the mongodb compass from browser and when i am searching my IP address with port 27017 ,browser gives following output :

A few things :slight_smile:

  • In the screenshot, you are not trying to “access the mongodb compass from browser”, you are using a web browser to connect to MongoDB.
  • Compass is the graphical utility used to explore Mongo databases; it is a separate tool, which you should have downloaded at the start of this course.
  • You use Compass to connect to a Mongo database. You do NOT use your web browser.

So: startup Compass and use that to connect to the database you are setting up.

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Firstly thankyou for your reply
I am able to use Mongodb compass from GUI of Ubuntu but is there any way to access and use mongodb compass from browser?

Do you mean, you were not able to install MongoDB Compass into Ubuntu? Or you have installed MongoDB Compass but MongoDB Compass won’t run?

MongoDB Compass is required in this course. If you cannot use MongoDB Compass, you may not be able to complete this course.

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Correct. No, there is no way to use a web browser. The M001 course focuses heavily on Compass.

If you’re running on Ubuntu, perhaps you’re running into the same problem I did: Compass starts but then endlessly loads. It never runs properly. I have not gotten this to work at all, so instead I run Compass on Windows or Mac OS. It’s really weird that Compass won’t run properly on Ubuntu or Kali Linux.

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I have installed mongodb compass in the ubuntu machine and also explored it but my question is that is there any way to access its console from web browser.

Compass does NOT have a console.

Compass is NOT the database.

MongoDB is the database.

Compass is a graphical tool to explore and browse the database.

MongoDB DOES have a console, which you access using the “mongo” command.

There are add-on products that you can install aside MongoDB to provide an interface that is accessible through a web browser. But these are not included by default. See here ->

There used to be an HTTP and REST interface built into MongoDB, but that was in version 2.x. They removed in per 3.2.

Hi Nikhil_70599,

Currently there is no such tool. :slight_smile:

You need to install Compass-Stable version and use it for MongoDB queries.


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