MongoDB community & Enterprise Server

I already have mongo community server, can i install Mongo Enterprise too on Mac OS and Windows 10?

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Hi Javier_86105,

Thanks for the note. You should be able to install MongoDB Enterprise as well, after downloading it from the Download Center.

I hope this helps!


I already have the community edition and when I try to install the enterprise edition, it won’t let me and says I cannot install two editions of the same version. Should I uninstall community first? I don’t want to loose my data.


Please follow the link to Upgrade from Community to Enterprise Version:
If you still face any issues provide an update in this topic.

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Thank you for the link! Should I choose the first option; Standalone or another (Replica Set, Sharded Cluster)?

I will appreciate if someone kindly indicates which one to install (Standalone,Replica Set, Sharded Cluster)

I have the same question: Replica Set, Sharded or Standalone?

@Glenna_77145, after reading some documents I found that Standalone was the suggested option.