MongoDB C#/.NET Driver 2.11.0 Released

.NET Driver Version 2.11.0 Release Notes

The main new features in 2.11.0 support new features in MongoDB 4.4.0. These features include:

  • Support for all new $meta projections: randVal , searchScore , searchHighlights , geoNearDistance , geoNearPoint , recordId , indexKey and sortKey
  • Support for passing a hint to update commands as well as findAndModify update and replace operations
  • Support for allowDiskUse on find operations
  • Support for MONGODB-AWS authentication using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Identity and Access Management (IAM) credentials
  • Support for stapled OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) (macOS only)
  • Support for shorter SCRAM (Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism) conversations
  • Support for speculative SCRAM and MONGODB-X509 authentication
  • Support for the CommitQuorum option in createIndexes
  • Support for hedged reads

Other new additions and updates in this release include:

  • A new target of .NET Standard 2.0
  • Support for Snappy compression on .NET Core on Windows (in addition to existing support on .NET Framework)
  • Support for Zstandard compression on Windows on 64-bit platforms
  • A new URI option tlsDisableCertificateRevocationCheck to disable certificate revocation checking.
  • An expanded list of retryable write errors via the inclusion of ExceededTimeLimit , LockTimeout and ClientDisconnect
  • A new GuidRepresentationMode setting to opt-in to the new V3 GuidRepresentation mode
  • Improved SDAM (Server Discovery and Monitoring) error handling
  • Support for the AuthorizedDatabases option in ListDatabases
  • Session support for AsQueryable

An online version of these release notes is available at:

The full list of JIRA issues resolved in this release is available at:

Documentation on the .NET driver can be found at:

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I got an error after upgrading from 2.10.4 to 2.11.0:

Any tips on what is wrong here?

Our backward compatibility is typically at the source level and not the binary level. Can you try recompiling your application against the version of the driver you want to use?

The feature Client-Side Field Level Encryption (CSFLE) was it released to work on Linux?