MongoDB Atlas with Stich

To use MongoDB Atlas in my app, is it necessary to use it with MongoDB Stich? Or What is the relevance of Stich with MongoDb Atlas? If I only use MongoDB Atlas with my app will the database get updated when i get back online?

Hi there. It is not necessary for you to use Stitch with Atlas, you can use Atlas as you would any regular MongoDB database.

I would, however, recommend that you use Stitch. It has a lot of features that simplify the development process. You can use MongoDB query language directly in your front and code without the need for an API. Stitch also gives you fine grained access control of your data.

One feature that may be of interest to you with Stitch is mobile sync. This will allow you to easily sync offline data when your application connects to stitch. You can read more about it here:


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Is the pricing for MongoDB Atlas different from Stitch?

Yes, it is.


So what I understand is that I have to pay for using MongoDB and I have to pay for using Stitch separately? Independent of each other?

Hi An_19003,

Invoicing and Payment

Stitch is billed as part of MongoDB Atlas. All payment methods that work with Atlas can be used to pay for Stitch, including Prepaid Atlas Credits. Any costs associated with a linked Atlas cluster, such as database operations and backup, are billed separately from Stitch.

Stitch Pricing

Data Transfer Compute
Free Tier 25 GB per month 1,000,000 executions per month (up to 100,000 GB-s)
Additional Usage $0.50 per GB $0.000025 per GB-s