mongoDB Atlas Profiler tab

While my database(cluster) profile level is 0
(using db.getProfilingStatus() and get ‘was’ : 0)

but in Atlas UI, profiler tab shows the history of queries for 24 hours.

Where those data stores?
and is it possible to extend data range more than 24 hours in Atlas Profiler tab?

Hi @seungwoo_hwang - Welcome to the community.

I believe there’s more information regarding this on the following post. Please refer to Frank’s reply (I believe 4. would be most relevant regarding your question here).

Not at the moment to my knowledge but please refer to the following feedback post which I believe is relevant to this question.

As the post mentions, it appears the team are working on allowing user’s to select a custom time period going back up to 5 days. Please note that with any forward looking statement, it’s best to assume the time frames mentioned are not guaranteed.


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