MongoDB Atlas need query or formula to calculate the CPU utilization

Good Afternoon everybody

We have a request to provide CPU metrics to the business users so they can glance at the database health. We are trying to do this by exporting metrics from Atlas and sending them to Grafana via Prometheus, We don’t want to give access to the end-users to Atlas monitoring because it does not uses AD access, so we will end maintaining local accounts.

That said we have not been able to determine the formula for how the CPU utilization gets calculated, in other words despite our best effort the chart we see in Grafana is completely different from what we see in Altas monitoring.

We asked Mongo support and their answer was very vague, we will appreciate any help, also if you know a query that could provide this information that will also help.

Thank you in advance

Rafael Orta

Hi Rafael,

Are you aware that you can federate your access to the MongoDB Atlas console/control plane with an identity provider via SAML for SSO? This would let you give the users console acccess.

In any event I recommend giving the business users access to more database-specific metric in conjunction with hardware metrics: the latter alone is a bit like looking at shadows. Both should be available via the Atlas admin API and prom endpoints



Thank you Andrew, if I could allow the users get to the MongoDB Atlas console using SSO that would be ideal, where could I find more information about how to do this?.

Totally, check out