MongoDB Architecture Diagram

Kindly recommend a good and authentic MongoDB architecture diagram from MongoDB documentation, that can be used in my research work.


Hi @sps,

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You can refer to this Architecture Guide | MongoDB. I hope this helps you in your research.

Although, It would be great if you could share the context of the study so the community might help you with some better resources.


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Respected Sir,

For my Ph. D thesis and a journal paper, I need to write details about MongoDB architecture. I have completed few works with MongoDB free cloud and I have made my students work on MongoDB free cloud.

However, I have not come across one diagram that explains MogoDB architecture. I am putting multiple diagrams, in order to explain MongoDB architecture. What is the role of the components… how they interact with each other… things cannot be explained with clarity… This is all to my understanding, I may be wrong. I try to recommend MongoDB to everyone… If I get a good MongoDB architecture diagram, it will be helpful. The usage will be for research and academia. No commercial use of the materials obtained will be done now or in future. I will definitely use the diagram of the material but I will wait for another one.
Kindly explain why multiple diagrams are available in different websites.
Along with the provided diagram and explanation, I will also be using the following diagrams (It will be kind of you to advice in this respect ):

Thanks and Regards