MongoDB Architectural Patterns

Hello everyone,
can anyone told me with architectural patterns do MongoDB use ? I dont mean schema design patterns, but patterns which are used in implementation of MongoDB. I do research for my school project about MongoDB architecture. Can anyone help ?

Hello @Lukas_Machata welcome to the MongoDB community!

I am not absolute sure if I under stood your goal correct. You can start reading this Mongodb Architecture Guide.

In case questions come up while reading the guide or other resources, please feel free to come back with your questions at any time.


Hello @Lukas_Machata,
Another resource that may be of help to you are the “Server Internals” documentation pages that can be found directly in the codebase. We currently have sections on Sharding Internals, Replication Internals, Security, Catalog and Storage Execution Layer Internals, and the Storage Engine API. We are continuing to add sections on other components over time. You can see the current list of docs linked from the github mongo wiki in the “Server Internals” side bar.

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