Mongod not installed in VM

I get a failure during provisioning relating to the MongoDB install. The error appears to be in the wget command. If I go to the https link I can download without issue and quickly too. I cannot progress this course further without MongoDB actually installed in the VM!!

Please help!

Further investigation suggests, from the vagrant shell, I get Permission Denied when I try the wget command :frowning:

Where exactly you are getting permission denied
Show the exact command you ran and more details from logs
What are the contents of your vagrant-env dir

Did you try some of the fixes given in our forum threads like setting on/off VAGRANT_PREFER_SYSTEM_BIN to prevent clash with local installed ssh vs VM installed ssh

Sorry I didn’t get back. I think there was something stuck on the work PC by a firewall or policy or something. When I did the install on a private PC it worked just fine.