Mongod logging facility

Hi there I’, new to Mongo this and first task is giving me some trouble.

I’ve read the documentations and also added the parameters for logpath and fork but still cannot seems to start the mongod without errors.

Posf a screenshot of what you are doing that shows the errorx you are getting.

I am not to sure but I think that this lab requires the use of a configuration file.

We need to see the command you ran to start mongod.

mongod --fork --logpath /var/mongodb/logs/mongod.log

First, this is not a screenshot. We need to see the command in its context.


I went back to the lab description and it starts with

Update your configuration file such that:

This means you must use the configuration file. In

you do not use the configuration file.

I think it works now

but not sure why when i do run test

it still shows “0 passed”.

It looks like you are missing step 2 of the lab.

Step 2: Use the following command to connect to the Mongo shell and create the following user.

Hi @Osmond_Louey,

This :point_down:

Please make the necessary changes before hitting the Run Test button. Let us know if you are having any doubts/confusion.

~ Shubham