Mongod instanced to bind up network ip address in atlas cluster

How to bind up mongod instances with the network ip address in atlas cluster ?

you cannot change the ip address of your atlas cluster node.

Hi @Arindam_Biswas2,

Are you referring to allowing client connections from specific IP addresses? If so, please see: Configure IP Access List Entries in the Atlas documentation.

If you are thinking of something else, please provide more details.


Thank you for your reply. Let me clarify what exactly I would like to know. I have M0 free atlas cluster. Here , I woul d like to configure IP Acess List. Can I use the same IP address in
net.bind_ip for creating mongod instance ?

No you cannot. This is 2 different things. The value of bind_ip must be a local address of the machine you are running mongod. But you are not running mongod because

I strongly recommend that you take M103 from MongoDB university. You seem to confuse some fundamental concepts about mongod the server and mongo or mongosh the client.