Mongod configuration


I am facing issues while connecting to mongo shell.

I am trying to create mongod in vagrant and I am running the below command :

vagrant@m103:~/data/db$ mongod --port 27000 --bind_ip, --auth

after running the command i am getting below out put:

I am not sure whether i am doing it in right way or not.

Do i need to create a mongod instance in vagrant or in the normal command prompt ? I can see 92 processes are running , are all these processes mongod processes?
I am confused . please can anyone provide me the proper steps and command to create mongod with all the configuration mentioned in lab1.

please help me on this.

What error you are facing while connecting
As per your snapshot mongod is up and running and waiting for connections
Did you complete all steps?Like create user etc

I have created user.

vagrant@m103:~ validate_lab_launch_mongod You need to specify db path /data/db. vagrant@m103:~ cd data/db/
vagrant@m103:~/data/db$ validate_lab_launch_mongod
You need to specify db path /data/db.

I am getting this.

The solution is

Please rewatch the lessons. It is explain how to do it.

Now everything is working good for me.

Thank you Ramachandra and steevej.

Closing this thread as the issue has been resolved.