Mongoclients.create open two connections to mongo that are not closed until stop the application that uses the driver

I’m using the Java MongoDB driver version 4.11.1 and when I create a Mongoclient using MongoClients.create(settings); two connections are opened in MongoDB, these connections ignore the settings( maxIdleTimeMS, maxLifeTimeMS, …) and are not closed until the application that uses the java driver is stopped. When you access a database and get a collection another connection is opened and this connection is closed depending on the settings that you have configured in Mongoclient.
Why are the two initial connections created? How is it possible to configure these connections with maxIdleTimeMs and MaxLifeTimeMS?
Thanks in advance

I’m guessing these connections are for heartbeat or something similar. For user connections, there should be a bunch of configurations like min/max/warm-up… but for internal connections, maybe not.