Mongo use admin unathorized

Hi, so i was able to finish all of chapter 1, but one thing I found myself having trouble with the entire time was the error message in mongoDB Enterprise shell was “there are no users authenticated”. My solution to this was always
db.auth(“m103-admin”,“m103-pass”), everytime i go on mongo shell,

which then lets me do all the things I need. Although looking at everyone elses discussion and the lectures, it seems like thats not an issue. It should already be authorized the moment i type “use admin”

You are not authenticated, so not authorized, when you type use admin. You are authenticated with db.auth(…) like you have noticed. The authorization you get depends of the roles of the user. You may also authenticated with -u and -p when starting mongo shell. There is some other ways with URI. Please look at:

I think you may have to use -u and -p as well when running mongo shell