Mongo SRPM location

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May i know the location for Source RPM for the mongo releases? We would like to see if we can create a binary from the source RPM by adding a specific diff.


Not SRPM but spec files for RPM:

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Hi @venkataraman_r -

We don’t currently offer SRPMs from which you can build the release RPMs. We have plans to improve our package creation story in the future, but for now it is a custom scripted process. If you would like to create a ticket in (under the SERVER project) requesting this feature, we can consider including SPRM production when we schedule the work to improve our packaging story.

Also, if you are referring to the enterprise release, it won’t be possible for you to build from source, since we do not make the enterprise source code available. So, even with SRPMs, you would be limited to building the community version.

If a community build is acceptable, you can easily build tarballs of the releases. If you would like instructions on how to do so, please follow up in this thread and we can discuss further.


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