Mongo shell opens up un-scrollable in new labs (instruqt)

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I recently wrote about problems with the new university. This one is an outlier so this post.

When the lab started, I followed instructions to fill 2-3 pages worth of output. It is about first getting “_id” of a document, then using it to “replace” with another content, then “find” the new document to see if the content has changed.

I did not memorize the original document so I wanted to compare it by "scroll"ing the terminal. But as I noted in the title, it was not scrollable.

I closed and re-open the lab, tried clearing the cache and re-open, hard refreshed through dev tools, and even open in a private browsing tab. none has changed the result. However, "exit"ing the shell and reconnecting to the cluster through the files in the folder (which might be a security problem in the future), both console and shell becomes scrollable again.

I take the lab about 10 hours ago, and in between, I restarted my laptop. I used the history to open that lab (unfortunately, I had clicked the “check” button) and now could compare two labs. The next lab opens fine and the shell is scrollable in it. but this one still open without the scrolling ability.

Can you please check what is wrong with this lab and find a way to check if any other has the issue?

PS: if you are a community member to test this many times, do not click the “check” button or the link will be removed from the page. using browser history is an option but is also a pain.

The problem is in this course/lab:
Course: MongoDB CRUD Operations: Replace and Delete Documents
Lab: Lesson 1 - Replacing a Document in MongoDB / Practice

Hi @Yilmaz_Durmaz,

Thank you for attempting the labs on the new platform and sharing your feedback. I’ve raised this with the concerned team and will keep you updated.

Kushagra Kesav

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Hi @Yilmaz_Durmaz,

Your feedback has helped us in improving our platform, thank you!!
This is to update that the issue has been fixed from our end.

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