Mongo Shell Installation in Ubuntu

I am confused about how to install mongo shell in Ubuntu. I followed the instruction of the video lecture but I didn’t get any file named ‘mongo’ in the bin directory to install.

Can it be possible to provide any latest video/tutorial instruction to install this in the Ubuntu OS?

Hey! Hope you’re doing well. One way to install the mongo shell on ubuntu is to install the mongodb package from the standard repositories. However, since Ubuntu isn’t bleeding edge distro, you wouldn’t have the latest version of mongodb. That’s why I usually advise to follow the installation instructions directly from the MongoDB website. A link HERE. Hope it helps! :smile:

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I also just realized that you might have already installed the mongo Shell, you just couldn’t find it. Try typing in the terminal which mongo. If there is any input at all, it’s usually the path where you can find the mongo program to run. If that’s the case, just try typing in mongo in the terminal and it should run the mongo shell for you. Of course, you would still need to supply the arguments to connect to the Atlas cluster. If there is no output from the which command above, this most likely means that you didn’t install the mongo shell correctly. If that’s the case, please refer to my previous answer on documentation about installing the mongo shell.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

If you decide to install the shell only, you can do it from a repository with apt. Here there are some instructions.