Mongo Realm/device sync over AWS Privatelink


We are trying to configure a solution so that apis in our aws VPC can push data to Mongodb Atlas cluster over AWS Privatelink. The consumption of that data is via realm/device sync installed on individual windows devices in our firewalled intranet. We were easily able to make our apis talk to atlas cluster, but could not make realm sync work over Privatelink. For realm sync testing, we provisioned the route between our AWS Privatelink and a Windows device on our network, and opened ports 1024-1026, which allowed us to successfully connect via Compass to our Mongodb cluster, but realm sync did not work.

Does realm/device sync work over privatelink connectivity between device and cluster? If yes, what port do we need to add to security group for realm sync? If not, what host do we need to whitelist for the device to be able to talk to our cluster via realm sync?