Mongo Kubernetes cluster declaratively

All - I am building a Kubernetes Operator to integrate an Open Source digital asset management application with Mongo. As such - I am standing up a Mongo cluster as documented in MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator — MongoDB Kubernetes Operator 1.7 - in a dev environment to test the integration. So far I’ve created the Operator and Ops Manager. The instructions seem to indicate that it requires logging into the Ops Manager UI to perform some of the set up. In other words - it looks to me like in v1.7 it is not possible to stand up a complete Mongo environment 100% declaratively using only Kubernetes manifests. I’m asking the question in case I’ve missed some piece of documentation. Help is appreciated. Thanks

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Having completed generation of the Operator, Ops Manager, and Database using manifests, the only piece that requires manual intervention is the generation of Project-level API keys in the Ops Manager UI. I don’t see any info leading me to believe this can be done declaratively. This would be a great feature for a future release of the Operator.

Hi. This is one manual step that needs to happen to authenticate with Ops manager. We are trying to get to a stage where we can have E2E model in Kubernetes, but the security model for K8S API and Ops Manager is different. Here is a feature that we track and please vote for it Headless OPS Manager deployment – MongoDB Feedback Engine
It is possible to create one API Key for all users but then that secret has to be created in each namespace. However, It is not a particularly secure mode.


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