Mongo enterprise catalina

I’m trying to install MongoDB Enterprise on my new Mac which runs Catalina.
After much googling, I’ve moved the log file and datafile as the defaults are now read-only, but I still can’t connect.
Have tried to follow Mongo docs but I keep getting an error that Mongo can’t connect to the local server.
I thought it might be because I hadn’t whitelisted my IP, but I’m still stuck.
Does anyone have a solution or, can use the Community Edition in the course which I can install with Homebrew?

Are you facing issue with shell or compass?
Did not understand what you meant by moved data/logfiles and they are read only

What error you are getting when you run or connect to mongo from shell

Yes you can use Compass community but it has some limitations
Analyze schema/maps features missing which are needed to answer 1 0r 2 questions
Course instructors can help you more on your installation issues

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Hi @David_Lacey_26771,

In addition to @Ramachandra_37567.

Were you able to install the MongoDB Enterprise Server on your system ?

What’s the output of this command :arrow_right: mongo --nodb ?

Can you please provide some more information as in what were you trying to do ?

Please share a screenshot of the command that you ran and the output that you got ?

Are you talking about your sandbox cluster ? If yes, then please whitelist your IP by following the instructions mentioned in this Lab 2.0: Create an Atlas Sandbox Cluster.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer

Thanks for your response.

I’m talking about Mongo Shell. If I can use the Community Edition then I can install via Homebrew which will most likely solve problems.


Please check these links which talk about installing Community edition on Mac Catalina

Hi @David_Lacey_26771,

Yes, you can use the Community edition of the MongoDB server for this course.

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I couldn’t get Mac to work so reverted to Windows