Mongo: command not found

I have a problem with “Creating a free tier cluster called “mflix”” on step 7:

First question: why the cluster name in SRV is still “cluster0”? We changed it to “mflix”.
Second in terminal:

“mongo: command not found” - why? I had install mongo for Windows.
What I do wrong?
Next. I changed dotenv_win and rename:

But when I start npm:

Hi @Ivan_59190,

You need to add MongoDB path to Environment variable or $PATH.

You don’t need to rename to dotenv_win.env. You need to rename it to .env.



Thank’s a lot!
But I still have a problem, now here:

You need to replace <YOUR_CLUSTER_URI> with your cluster string which you can found on

Log in to your Cluster. Go to your project M220

Click to Connect

Select “Connect Your Application”

Copy the string after ‘@’ symbol to end and paste in place of <YOUR_CLUSTER_URI> in dotenv_win file.

Save file and rename the file to .env

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Hi @ramDB,

Thank you so much for your detailed reply here!! :+1: