Mongo atlas collection lock already acquired, can not release with atlas admin role


We are having lock already acquired issue when restoring on atlas from dump. There are many collection so somehow we are not able to trace on which

We tried to multiple options to trigger/flush release locks but none of ones are working like (db.fsyncLock(), db.killOp()) but it always says that admin does not have rights to execute these commands.

Is there no way to run Admin Commands on Mongo Atlas from CLI even we have Admin Privileges? Example we think db.killop() may work but we are having errors that we don’t have permission to run these commands.

How can we identify which collection exactly creating lock issue. It’s problem with write locks.

Hi @Ravi_Shah,

Welcome to MongoDB community.

You should be able to kill operations with a cluster admin through the real-time panel on your node via Atlas UI.

This UI will also show you waiting operations and their statistics.

There you might find what operations are blocking. In general mongodump and restore might require strong locks and we recommend considering other backup and restore options that Atlas have (build in backup) or use secondary nodes to perform the dump…

If this matter is urgent I suggest you open a high savirity support case with our support under the support tab.