MomgoDb Atlas vs Self Hosted cluster

Hi, I want to know what extra inbuilt functions we get when we use MongoDB atlas cluster instead of having a self hosted cluster. Could anyone provide me with the differential benefits for it.

Hi @Ayushi_Nanda and welcome to the community forum

Using MongoDB Atlas over a self hosted provides numerous benefits, some of which includes:

Feature MongoDB Atlas Self-Hosted Cluster
Setup and Deployment Automated deployment and easy setup Manual setup and configuration required
Scalability Seamless vertical and horizontal scaling Manual scaling and sharding configuration
Backups Automated daily backups with point-in-time recovery Requires manual setup and management of backups
Monitoring Built-in monitoring tools and automated alerts Requires some typical commands to monitor each and every deployment
Global Distribution Multi-region deployments with automated data distribution Complex and manual setup for multi-region deployments
Security Comprehensive security features (encryption, IP whitelisting, VPC peering) Manual configuration and ongoing management of security
Maintenance Automated patches and updates Manual management of updates and patches
Integrations Seamless integration with cloud services and third-party tools Requires custom integration setups
Full-Text Search Native full-text search capabilities (Atlas Search) Requires separate setup and management of search solutions
Data Lake Integrated Atlas Data Lake for querying and analyzing data Requires separate infrastructure and setup
Serverless Instances Serverless options for auto-scaling compute resources Requires manual setup and scaling of server resources

There is much more. If you wish to explore more about Atlas and its capabilities, would recommend you going through the documentations or University courses to learn more.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any question.