Modifications to the Mflix Setup Page


So one thing related to this ReadMe setting up Mflix page: -

  1. Would it be possible that we add to the notes along with installing Node, that Python 2.7+ is installed prior to running the npm install.

    It just avoid people, like myself who tend not to have everything but the kitchen sink installed, to make sure that the relevant Python version installed.

    Especially if the person is moving towards a containerized development working environment.

These steps all help to making the initial setup that little bit smoother.

Hi NeilM,

Can you please elaborate more on this? I am not really sure about the fact that it is mandatory to install Python before npm install.

Thanks and Regards.
Sourabh Bagrecha,
Curriculum Services Engineer

Hello @SourabhBagrecha

Prior to installing Python 2.7 on my PC, I was getting the following error.

However, as a side note, I hadn’t created my .env at that time.

Separate, related?