Mlaunch: command not found / Slow Queries

I am now working on Chapter 3: Slow Queries / First Lab.

I probably have messed up my vagrant environment, but I can’t run the first script. This what I see:

vagrant@m312:~$ cd shared/
vagrant@m312:~/shared$ ./ 
mongod: no process found
./ line 6: mlaunch: command not found
./ line 7: mongo: command not found

Apparently I have lost mtools.

I am sure this problem has already happen to someone else before.
But I can’t find a post with a solution, only references to a similar issue.

Hi @Michel_Bouchet

Can you try run the following command from the directory with your vagrant box but from your local machine environment rather than from within the VM?
vagrant provision

The next quickest solution would be to redownload the vagrant environment from the earlier chapter and reinstall it. Alternatively, you can manually install MongoDB and mtools.

Good luck and kindest regards,

OK.Your first solution works. Thanks a lot!

I am not totally sure what “vagrant provision” does, I have almost never used it.
But apparently it rebuilds the environment.

I have a file named provision-m312. I presume you command uses this file?

… Now I can work on the Lab …