Missing Products.json file

The products.json is not present in the dataset folder in the vagrant, even though it is present in the shared and dataset folder in Windows.

I tried doing vagrant halt, up and provision. This did not work.

I saw in the other posts about using the shared folder. How is this done?
What else can I do to make this work? Any advice is helpful as I have been pounding my heading against this problem.

Which directory on your windows box maps to vagrant dir?
Just download the file.Copy it to windows folder which is mapped to a vagrant dir
Once you see the file from vagrant box continue with your load
When you run vagrant up you can see messages on your shared dirs

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Hi Ramachandra,

I already did that but it seems to be a problem with vagrant.
Any command like “vagrant provision” is not working.

I just did “vagrant destroy” and rebuilt vagrant . The dataset is present now. maybe I missed something, But good practice though.