Missing electronicsDB related to M220 writes

That database doesn’t seem to exist in the example databases that are currently created when following all the instructions associated with lessons up to and including the first write lesson. There are a bunch of sample_xxx databases (where xxx = airbnb, geospatial, mflix, supplies, training, and weather_data). Is the info in the “course materials” associated with this lesson deprecated or out of sync or…?

Hi @Michael_J_Carey_83303 what’s the name of the course? You’re not getting any responses because your thread isn’t linked to a course.

M220 (as mentioned in the subject line :-)) - more specifically M220P: MongoDB for Python Developers.

This is the important part. I’ve linked your thread to the course.

In this case the electronicsDB doesn’t ship with any of the sample_xxx databases, however, you might find some material in the Download Course Materials link on the lecture page. You’ll find that the Tickets are more focused on being hands-on than the lectures hence the omission.

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If you are using the jupyter notebook, it will create the collection when it gets to the first write.

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