Missing ; before statement

I’m on the final lab for chapter 1, M103. When attempting to import the data I get the following error:
missing ; before statement

After some research, it appears that this error is most frequently associated with typos that cause syntax issues. But I can’t seem to figure out where the error is. The following is the statement I’m running:

mongoimport --port 27000 --db applicationData --collection products --file …/dataset/products.json

However I get the same error running this command:

mongoimport --help

Any ideas what may be causing this issue?

Thanks for your assistance!



You can find the Resolution by refreshing from M001 MongoDB Basics

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Thanks! That was it.

I am getting it while trying to run load() function inside mongo

Replied to you in other thread
Please paste the screen shots
1.Connect to your sandbox cluster
2.cd to the dir where your load.js file resides
3.At mongo prompt run load as beow
MongoDB Enterprise Cluster0-shard-0:PRIMARY> load(“loadMovieDetailsDataset.js”)
true—>means successfully loaded
4.Verify your new DB (video)
show dbs

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