Misleading questions

Currently I’m in my sixth course and I want to give some feedback to the multiple choice questions with multiple correct answers. Nearly all of them ask for “Which statements are true”. But a few ask for “Which statements are false”. If you are doing one course after another for many days in a row, you get familiar with the questions and overlook that important word “false”. The effect: You know the correct answer, result ist “fail”. Then you try to figure out the failure and check that one answer candidate which you think could be right. Again, the result is “fail”. After long time fiddling around, you read the question again and realize that the inversion of your initially checked checkboxes lead to success. This costs time, leads to frustration and makes your brain to link false answers with checkmarks which you just have given to figure out what the correct answer could be. I would appreciate if the courses would stick with one type of question. Anything other has no learning effect. Overall, the goal here is to learn something about MongoDB and not to become a better question consumer.

Hey @Nico_75327

Just curious after reading your thoughts, do you not think that them switching up the way the question is asked is a lesson in itself for programming? I have spent countless hours trying to fix a bug when it turns out to be something I overlooked like a syntax error. As frustrating as it is, I (try to) take it as a lesson to pay closer attention to I am doing or attempting to accomplish.

On a side note. I work in construction and one of the worst things that can happen as one grow in their career is to become complacent. That is what causes many injuries; when someone gets into a rhythm and then makes a mistake or worse gets hurt.

I really hope they keep the mixing up of questions so that we as students are forced to pay attention. It help challenge us and makes sure that we are not spending our trying just becoming robots that repeat steps over and over; that is what we program the computer to do for us! :slight_smile:

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I totally agree with you on the point of your second paragraph.

Beside that, I have already mentioned that we are here to learn something about MongoDB. Therefore I’m not here to sharpen my skills in programming in general or learn to pay an acceptable amount of attention. For me personally, I prefer a highly efficient way of learning exactly what the topic is about.

And thx for the funny part with the robots :slight_smile:

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Believe me, I agree with not wasting time, and being efficient. And from what you said in your first post about being on your 6th course!:clap: (Amazing) I can absolutely understand where you are coming from, with getting to the topic, getting the information, and moving on.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my question! :slight_smile:

In the end it’s just my opinion and I hope feedback is desired.

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These courses are also meant to be preps for the exams (as seen here https://university.mongodb.com) and if the exams have a mix of true/false type questions, then I think it’s a good idea to have them in here. I’ve only ever been tripped up by a False question once, but noticed it on my third try :laughing:

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