MinGW Installer (mingw-get-setup.exe) setup not working


Currently MinGW Installer (mingw-get-setup.exe) setup is not working. Was anyone of you able to install it. Please check and confirm

Hi @rc135791,

What issues are you facing with the installation ?

I can confirm that I was able to download and install MinGW on my Windows 10 system just weeks ago. It would be great if you can share some more detail so that we can help you out.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer

Hi Shubham,

Sorry for delayed reply. I have tried with different network and it is running fine for me. Thank you for your prompt reply.

Rahul Chauhan


I have downloaded .exe file. When I try to install MinGW on my Windows 8 system, it shows can’t open URL and download failed. I tried with other networks also, still the issue persists. Please check and help to solve the issue.


Was download successful?
May be the file is corrupted or some system security software preventing download
Remove the file and try again