Migration and the reason for many wasted hours

I originally setup my database using the course instructions and have a database called sample_mflix. This is fine because application.properties contains the line:

(all source is taken directly from the zip file).

However in Migration.java you have:
MongoDatabase mflix = MongoClients.create(mongoUri).getDatabase(“mflix”);

Note the “sample_mflix” versus " mflix".

The problem symptoms are not obvious right away since nonexistent db’s and collections can be opened.

If someone has “sample_mflix” and an old version of the db called just “mflix” that would be really hard to detect.


Hi @David_18019,

Yes, this is an issue. Thank you so much for notifying this one. I will prioritize this and will update once it is done.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


The unit test “MongoClientLesson” still contains the old reference as of 10/21/19.