Migrating user accounts to Realm

I have a legacy PHP / MySQL based application that I’m looking to get off of and migrate over to Realm. One aspect that is always tricky when migrating to a new platform is handling existing users… more specifically their passwords so that a mass password reset is not required.

The full switch won’t happen for another 6-12 months, but one idea I’m contemplating is setting up the Atlas/Realm app with a webhook / function to create user accounts. Then when a user registers or logs into the legacy PHP app, the server can make the API call to the Realm webhook with the email / password and create the user account.

What I haven’t yet been able to figure out is how to create the Realm user accounts from within the webhook / function? I know with the SDKs provide the app.auth.emailPassword.registerUser() function, but I was curious if there is a way to create Realm user accounts from within a webhook / function.