Migrating to RHEL 9

I hope this isn’t off topic…

I’ve had a MongoDB replica set running on CentOS 7 for rather a long time, and I’m currently upgrading all my servers to EL9 before the sun goes down on CentOS 7.

Currently it’s a coin toss for me whether I go for Rocky, or Alma Linux (supported by Linode). Not being a Linux expert, it’s hard for me to make a case for one over the other. The numerous articles I’ve read on this topic advise that they’re both much the same, and your decision comes down to your “specific requirements”.

This is where I draw a bit of a blank. My main requirement is that it runs MongoDB as well as possible. I’m not married to a RHEL based distro, but I’ve been happy in that environment for many years.

With particular relevance to MongoDB, is there any benefit for using Rocky over Alma, or even moving away from RHEL?

No, go with what you prefer.