Migrating to CoreData

Hello, we need to migrate our Realm records to CoreData.

Are there any good practices for doing this? We don’t have a lot of records in the Realm database, ideal thing would be completely removing Real framework and still migrating data to the CoreData.

Thank you in advance.

That seems fairly straight forward: read in the Realm Objects, instantiate CoreData objects from that data and then write them out?

Do you have some code you’re having difficulty with or perhaps some other issue?

Why move from Realm to Core Data - that may give up some functionality.

@Jay We want to remove Realm framework and migrate without it, if possible, that’s the complicated part.

While describing the issue is helpful, including details about why you’re having difficulty is equally as important.

Is there some code that’s not working? What’s preventing that process? What’s your coding environment, and version of XCode, Realm, Cocoapods?

Are you getting an error?

Also, the question is a bit broad - is the issue removing Realm or how to migrate data? You should migrate your data first and then remove Realm if that’s the case but please keep questions to one question per post so we can focus our attention on in.

Provide more details and we’ll take a look.