Migrating entire cluster to different MongoDB account

I couldn’t find a thread related to my situation but if there is one then I apologize for posting a redundant thread.

My company was recently acquired by a bigger company and so all of our accounts were changed from email@oldcompany.com to new-email@newcompany.com, and so they want all retained employees to change their accounts to the new email or create a new account with the @newcompany if that’s not possible.

I created a new account for MongoDB and so now I’m trying to essentially migrate every database and collection in my cluster to my new account while maintaining the same schema.

I played around with the MongoDB Compass but I couldn’t see any sort of way to do it.

Hi Vince,

You don’t need to do any data plane level movements here: just add your new domain users to your Atlas org and then remove the old ones: and Org Owner level user can do this.

By the way, you can also move projects between orgs if you’re an org owner of both the source and destination org!

If you really do need to move a cluster to a different project/org for some reason: then the best bet is to use Live Migration, but that doesn’t seem needed in your case


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