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Hi, I have this problem. I need to migrate an old database that was running in an old computer. The computer is broken, but I have a backup of it. I need to migrate this database to a new computer. The thing is I can’t do mongodump because the old computer is broken and the old database is not anymore active there. Is there any other way that I can migrate this old datenbank from the back up that I have to a new computer. Thank You !!

Hi @Marvi_Karroci welcome to the community!

I think as long as you can salvage the old database’s dbpath, you might be able to run it on a new server using the same MongoDB version as the one you’re using in the old server.

Having said that, I don’t think this is a question specific to MongoDB, but rather, it’s a general question about restoring from a backup. In order to obtain a copy of the dbpath from the backup, please refer to the backup software’s instructions.

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