Might have accidently deleted sample.training.inspections

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to complete the quizes in Chapter 4 : Logic Operators.
I believe all the documents in “sample.training.inspections” has been deleted in a previous lecture (might have deleted on accident). Is there any way I can obtain those documents to continue in the lesson?

First make sure it’s not a typo: the db name is sample_training, not sample.training

In the worst case:
You can always re-load the sample data in your cluster. Just keep in mind it won’t be the same since I think you updated some documents in the previous chapters, therefore I’m not sure if it would really affect your future exercises (I think it doesn’t ).

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Hi @Sergio_Serrano,

If the dataset got accidentally modified then drop the older one and reload all the sample dataset. Please note that there is a space limitation in the M0 Free tier cluster so you can only have 500 MBs of data I guess.

~ Shubham

I have the same problem. As instructed, I dropped, the inspections collection. Where can I acquire the data for the sample_training database so that I can restore it?

Hello Anthony,

I just deleted the Instance and created a new one.
Every time I tried to load the sample data on the original, it kept saying I had no space.

How do I delete and recreate the instance? I looked and cannot find instructions in the community.

Hello Anthony,

Please see attachment for picture to delete the cluster. (my apologies for using the word instance, learning AWS atm).
Once you terminate the cluster, you can follow the instructions from the first part of the lectures that teach you how to create a new cluster.

That was exactly what I needed. Thanks for your help!