MFLIX with Ticket Solutions

Hi, is it possible to download the complete MFLIX application with the text book ticket solutions? I referenced some of the solutions as I progressed through the course, but it would be really useful to be able to access the whole project with the solutions included.

Hi @Roger_Nisbett_15551,

That would be cool! :sunglasses: It will help people learn more easily. But you already get the solutions as you progress the course.

Keeping the course this way has been decided for everyone to learn. If we provide solutions at the beginning, no one will make an effort to understand it.

That said, its a cool idea, let me see what others say! :slight_smile:


Hi Kanika,

Just to clarify, I’ve completed the course and was suggesting that the complete project with solutions should be made available to those who have completed the course only. Providing the solutions along the way is great, but now that I’ve done the course I’d like a ‘reference’ implementation which I can use when developing apps with MongoDB.