Mflix static assets

Dear team,

Bundled .js files representing reactJs application placed in folder ‘static’ .
I’m novice react developer and it very interesting for me to have a look at this code.
As far as i understand in .chunk.js files placed minified js code, passed truough babel with injections of code from different libriaries. And it hard to inspect such type of code.

I understand that this course is just cover nodejs mongo driver.
But i will be very appriciate if you could provide with unbundled .js code of mflix react application.


Hi @Pavel_43946,

We will make this available soon.

Stay tuned.


Hi, Norberto!

Thank’s a lot!
I will be waiting for.
Could you please inform in this topic when it happens

for those who interested in. There is an opportunity to find static react source code in Google Chrome interface. F12 or right mouse click -> inspect code, then go to sources tab. In here source static code divided by components. But it is not very comfortable if you want to copy it, coz you cannot copy whole folders.

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