Mflix project License?

Hello and thanks to all MongoDB University Team!

Can I ask if the main course lessons project “mflix” has some type of license? Because I would like to put it to my github profile to have some type of confirmation to my CV that I would learn this course, but I am not sure if it possible due to license restrictions and on the other hand there will be answers to course labs.

You will get a certificate at the end of the course that confirms that you have completed the course.

Yes, but it’s only course completion certificate, I prefer to have my code in my repo on github, surely I can make me a private repo, but as mflix is a public code, that’s why I asked about license. Just now there are already a lot of copies of mflix on github (with private credentials in the file too)))), and no one care 'bout licenses, open source in action!)))))

Make it private as you wish but please don’t do like

This makes the certificate of completion almost useless as there is no way to know if your really completed it or github’it.

My stuff is all managed under git, but in my private Dropbox.

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Hi @Action,

We haven’t licensed the course code but feel free to add it to your github repo.
We will probably be setting a license to this code so it becomes clearer that you can add your implementation to your own github repo.

If you can make it private, it makes it harder for others to copy your implementation but we don’t have a problem with that. Whoever tries to cheat on this course, is basically cheating on themselves.



@steevej-1495 @Norberto ok, thx! Yes, there is no sense to copy code of someone, we are here not to obtain the paper certificate, but to learn and to have our own knowledges.

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