Mflix homepage not showing movies

Hi, I was able to setup mflix, npm start and test it (although with failures), but after going through some threads, I think I was supposed to have the movies showing on the homepage. All I get is a continuous loading animation.

Im checking the status codes and I get this:

Not sure why the 304s. I’ve correctly imported the files.

I’m going to go out on a limb here! Is your backend (database, URL connections and others from set up right, I assume it is not and this is exactly what I see when I deleted all my collections (for a different reason)?

Hmm re-reading it for the billionth time and looks like I did everything correctly (with the exceptions of having to go to past discussions to find a solution to a few of the steps)

It is interesting that all your backend stuff works fine and testing with npm test -t {name of test} does not report any issues and yet your UI is not working. You can press “F12” click on console and take a screenshot, there might be some client-side errors or something, apart from that I am out of ideas.