Method LogInAsync hang in MAUI Project

In my MAUI project i use Ralm package 10.13.0.
Whe i try to login with LogInAsync method the application hang without exceptions.
Here is the code:

    private async Task<Realms.Realm> InitializeAsync()
        var appconfig = new Realms.Sync.AppConfiguration(_AppID);

        Realms.Realm realm;

        Realms.Sync.PartitionSyncConfiguration syncConfig;

            var app = Realms.Sync.App.Create(appconfig);

            if (app.CurrentUser == null)
               Realms.Sync.User user = await app.LogInAsync(Realms.Sync.Credentials.Anonymous());
               syncConfig = new Realms.Sync.PartitionSyncConfiguration(_Partition, user);
               realm = await Realms.Realm.GetInstanceAsync(syncConfig);
                syncConfig = new Realms.Sync.PartitionSyncConfiguration(_Partition, app.CurrentUser);
                realm = Realms.Realm.GetInstance(syncConfig);

            return realm;

What is wrong?

Do you have a simple project that reproduces this? We do have some smoke tests for MAUI and those pass, but it’s very possible we’ve missed a corner case or an update to the tooling broke something. If possible, create a repro project and file an issue here: Issues · realm/realm-dotnet · GitHub so that we can take a look.

I have found the mistake. The problem was a method that was called synchronously.
Thank you for response.

Glad to hear it’s sorted out :slight_smile: And as always, if you face other issues or have suggestions for improvements, we’re here to help. If the issue you’re facing seems like a bug, feel free to just go ahead and file a github ticket as we typically respond to those faster.