Metadata.json file for ubuntu/trusty64 not found error for vagrant up

please any solution would be appreciated

Are you on your home network, or at the office?

The messages show a url, starting with https and ending in trusty64. What happens when you enter that address into your web browser?

it brings up this

i’m at office


Seeing how you are at the office, it is not unthinkable that you are behind a proxy server. Your web browser can get through the proxy, because it’s allowed to by your company’s IT team. The Vagrant software however 1) does not know about the proxy 2) might not be allowed to use the proxy. That explains why your setup is failing.

Possible work-arounds are:

  • Study at home.
  • Discuss the matter with your IT team. Ask whether you are allowed to 1) even run these labs on their equipment, 2) if they would allow you to let Cagrant use the proxy, 3) what settings are needed to connect to the proxy.

After that, things should be a bit easier because your VMs will not require an active Internet connection for M103.

Hi Chika_Echezona_19812,

You are in the wrong directory. When you download m103-vagrant-env zip, and extract it, you need to run vagrant up in m103-vagrant-env directory where you will see these files:

m103-vagrant-env$ ls
Vagrantfile       dataset/          provision-mongod  shared/

m103-vagrant-env$ vagrant up

Let me know if you still face issues.


im at home now and at the above specified directory and still the issue emanatesm

Also take Kanika’s post into account. I had missed that silly little detail in your screenshot

@Tess_Sluijter like i said in my last post, i said ran vagrant up in m103-vagrant-env directory but the same issue is persisting

Seems like your vagrant is not getting downloaded properly.

Can you share screenshot after running dir command:

    ..m103-vagrant-env> dir

I would recommend, delete everything, reinstall. There might be some corrupted files in the current scenario.


@Kanika. thanks…i have done that and passed that stage successfuly but seem to be stucked in another stage.s
it says ssh command responded with a non zero exit status

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Hi @Chika_Echezona_19812,

Please run the below command to get the logs and share here so that we can identify what the issue is:

 > vagrant up --debug

Also, if the setup asks for a password, it is vagrant.


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