maxDepth in graphLookup doubt

I thought that maxDepth specifies number of recursive lookups. However that was wrong as per the Quiz for the graphLookup. Can anyone explain?

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I got it as the question was for incorrect…



You are right, the quiz asks for incorrect statements.

José Carlos

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I’m glad this came up. I’m guilty of not fully reading the instructions. Ugh. And I’m trying to get my kids to do this with their homework.

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@Sreenivas_53356 documentation states :

maxDepth Optional. Non-negative integral number specifying the maximum recursion depth.

so this is not the “number of recursive lookups” ? Not clear for me too :wink:

Hi @Laurent_Roger,

The Quiz asks “Which of the following statements are incorrect?”

The number of recursive lookups in the quiz options is the correct statement for maxDepth.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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