$match homework question

I’m stuck on the first homework that we need to do. I’ve created a $match query that returns 24. The hint says it should be 23.

Looking at the documents returned it looks like my expression for genre is lacking because this shows up:
“title”:“Mr. Holmes”,

My expression for genre looks like this:

genres : {$elemMatch: {$ne : "Horror", $ne :"Crime"}}

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Well Horror is not in the array so $ne:Horror is true and then Drama and Mystery make $ne:Crime also true, so the whole expression is true.

Same problem here, but I 'm using $nin.
Now I’m definitely confused.

The operator $elemMatch returns true if one of the element matches the condition. Since “Drama” is $nin Horror or Crime then whole condition is true even in $nin is false for Crime.

use $nin: [array list]
I hope you will finds this useful

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Yes, I was able to find my way at the end. :slight_smile: