$match Error in query

Hi ,
can any one please help me on this
I tried to run the below mentioned query in the mongo shell an i am getting the exception
val pipeline = [ < deleted > ]
2019-05-19T12:13:52.422+0530 E QUERY [js] SyntaxError: missing ; before statement @(shell):1:4

And i tried to ran the same command in the cloud atlas i am not facing any issue
{ < deleted > }

Even i tried to provide the match statement in the mongoDB shell as mentioned below i am not facing any issue, but i am not able to assign the match statement in any variable

Query : db.movies.aggregate([{ < deleted >} } }]).itcount()


First of all, please follow Forum guidelines and do not post code or potential answers here. I have edited your post to remove that information. Thanks,

As far as your problem goes, ‘pipeline’ is defined as you have it as a JavaScript variable. It is not suitable as a MongoDB query and the error message tells you that the parser stopped at position 4 (right after the ‘val’). You will need to re-cast this as part of a valid MongoDB query to have it work.

Notice that the problem shows three steps: define the pipeline variable, run the ‘validateLab1.js’ script, and post the result into the lab. If you follow the indicated steps, you should solve the problem. Good luck.