Many Config Server?

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I would like to ask for help in a topic.

If I have a cluster in two datacenters in different countries, I would have shared it separated by zones, for each country to record in its datacenter, but I would have replicated them in the other country, for him to read in his own datacenter, until then everything understood.

Now, what about the config servers, is there a primary in each datacenter? Will I always have to cross the country to record a new key? because the replica could also have both data centers, but what about when you need to record a new key? How to create shards from the configs server?

Any other way to resolve this?

Thanks for the help and sorry for the English: D

Your question is outside the scope of this course. I recommend you post your question on

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One question: One Server (one laptop for example) would be a standalone node?. I mean , most of us only have one machine, a replica set can be achieved for more machines, the rest is like a simulation of having more machines although we only have one?.

Hi @damon634,

No, you can spin up as many mongod processes as you want (keep resource constraint in mind) on your laptop.

Hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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