Manual Configuration Files

Can anybody help me to configure mongod/mongos starting from YAML format on port 1. 27017 2. 27019 ?

There are many sample files available in our forum threads
Also you may be having some in your IDE
Start with a simple config file and keep adding other params as needed
What have you tried and what errors you are getting?

Thank you for your reply. I am not going through the forum thread and also not in my IDE as you suggested. I am now concentrating on mainly following instruction manual .

  1. File Settings and Command- Line Options Mapping.
  2. Configuration File Options
    Configuration File
    File Format
    Core Options
    Some details study is required. So, it may take time. Once I develop it, (configure various options), I shall post it in this forum incase I come across any error. But , I always need your help, May I suggest you not to close this thread within 5 days since I need more time.

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Please let me know the names of the configuration files required in command - line action to configure local mongod instances. There are so many configuration files in command - line action of mongod,. Which files are required to configure llocal mongod instance ?

May be you are referring to parameters for command line?

Config file is different.You can put all your parameters in the file and start mongod by passing this file as parameter like below
mongod -f your_config_file

For command line you have to specify the different params like dbpath,logpath,port etc
ex: mongod --port xyz --dbpath your_dbpath --logpath your_logpath
Please refer to documentation for various params